How to brew your green Tea?

How to brew your green Tea?

Green tea is surely the ‘go-to’ health beverage for every health food junkie, from rookies to pros! Green tea sippers swear Green Tea, Conoor, TNby its weight reducing, cancer preventing and acne free beautiful skin giving (and several other) benefits.

There is no doubt that green tea is packed with immense health benefits! However, are you doing it the right way?

Here are some tips on brewing green tea correctly:

Green Tea Leaves or tea bags?
Certainly leaves! Leaves contain whole tea leaves or largest pieces which keep their antioxidants and nutrients intact. Converting them in tea bags requires chopping in fine bits which can lead to loss of nutrients.

How to brew green tea correctly?
1. Green tea has delicate flavor. Hence it should never be made with boiling water which can destroy its flavor as well as nutritive value. Use hot water instead at a temperature of 82-89° C.
2. Take the water off heat and add green tea leaves- 1 pinch per person.
3. Cover the pot and allow the tea to steep. The pot should be big enough for the tea leaves to expand in water and steep. Brew for 2- 3 minutes.


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