When Life gives you Lemons….Lemon and its health benefits!

When Life gives you Lemons….Lemon and its health benefits!

Came across the idiom : When life gives you lemons, make lemonade !

Contrary to the  definition of lemons  ( A defective product, or anything that doesn’t work very well; something which breaks constantly, particularly a car ), the lemon fruit is full of usefulness. It has a wide variety of use as a herbal medicine in home remedies and also used extensively in Ayurvedic medication.

Juicy, acidic, and flavorful lemon is the most widely used citrus fruit .Lemon It is the smallest among citrus fruits yet contains more health benefiting nutrients than oranges . Available in all seasons and grown worldwide – its usage as  a scrub for enhancing beauty , as a toxin remover when consumed internally in various forms and recipes is well known . A multi-purpose fruit and medicinal herb.

  • Lemons help maintain Body pH balance – as its acidic by nature but turns Alkaline when consumed.Hence a great food for Pitta “Body Type” 
  • Lemon is a natural energizer and also helps in digestive disorders.
  • Relieves Tooth ache, respiratory problems
  • Helps reduce sore throat
  • Flushes out toxins from the body and acts as blood purifier
  • Cut Lemon into 2 parts and dip in sugar and use as a face scrub
  • Helps reduce fever.

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