Somewhere In The Middle.

Somewhere In The Middle.


The alarm goes off at 6 am.   No matter how peaceful the ringtone may be, it  sounds like a jack hammer to me. My mind instantly turns on full speed to make its case that the best thing I can do for myself is to turn off that alarm clock and go back to bed. “It’s dark outside. It’s freezing cold. You work so hard, you deserve to have just one morning off.” Luckily, I don’t take my mind too seriously these days. Sure it’s going to try to convince me to stay in bed. It doesn’t want me to suffer. It wants to protect my poor little sleepy feet from the shock of the cold hardwood floor, and my delicate face from the chill of the morning air as I walk to my car to head to the fitness studio in the dark. The fact of the matter is, the cold air and the hardwood floor are temporary discomforts. But the feeling of the Self over riding the mind because it knows better…that’s where the juice resides.

One month ago I made a commitment to myself to place more focus on my physical body and build strength and stamina. Check out my blog post, “The Before” to read about my Ayurvedic approach to achieving this goal. I am proud to report that I have stuck to my plan pretty firm, and am definitely seeing results. Sure my muscles have started to tone up and I may have shed a few pounds of fat, but more importantly… I feel so much stronger. My grocery bags feel lighter. I have more energy throughout the day. My appetite has increased, in Ayurveda-ville this means that my Agni (digestive fire) has improved.

This is all pretty sweet, but the coolest part of it all…an unexpected result… I am finally starting to really  understand the nature of the monkey mind.  These work outs are not easy. Sometimes  I feel like walking out in the middle of the class because “I just can’t do it anymore”. But then my deeper wisdom self whispers to my mind. “You can do it Britt. Just 3 more. You signed up for this. This is good for you.” Through discovering this wild animal of a mind,  I slowly but surely discovering that soft wise voice that has always been there. It’s a deeper knowing. And as that wise woman voice is growing louder, the Monkey Mind is beginning to know who is boss. And this growing sense of my deeper wisdom has infiltrated into all other aspects of my life as well. I have noticed it speak up more often with  my career, how I navigate my relationships, my diet, and more. I never knew that focusing on the body would give me such a keen insight into my deeper self, and for this… I am deeply grateful.


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