This is a genus of aromatic herbs or under shrub distributed throughout India as well as cultivated. The Plant has been classified as a pious and sacred plant. A number of religions all over the world included the use of this plant i.e. various rituals and worships as evident by its common name.
Tulsi-in English as holy basil, sacred basil

Latin name-Ocimum sanctum
In India its Language wise other common names are-
Sanskrit-Surasah, Mal-Tulasi, Krsiatulasi
Tam-Tulaci, Karuttalaci

Since older days the plant has been regarded as multidimensional effect. On one side it prevents/cures disease while on other hard it also purifies mental status, helps in meditation, yoga, worship etc.
Commonly it is classified into two types-
i) White (Light green Tulsi)
ii) Black (Purplish Black)
Property wise both are similar but due to its rich contents the black Tulsi carries more medicinal value.
Part used-Whole plant
It leaves contain a volatile oil which is yellowish green in color and has high antibacterial properties with specific fregrance.This fragrance helps in cleansing the polluted air and makes to refreshing.
Preparation of Tea-Effective in winter to avoid cough and cold.
Medicinal Properties-To keep away material attack or infection during the months of September and October Tulsi leaves should be chewed daily in the morning hours after mouth wash.
3/4 part of water left then mix milk+sugar or jaggery+cardeman-have it.
Bad breath-Tulsi leaves if chewed after meals, keeps away from bad breath.
Fever due to cold-1 teaspon of leave juice+1/2 teaspon honey gives three times a day. Tulsi juice also can apply on chest and forehead. Inhole the vapours emanated from the juice.Immuinty.
Cold and cough-
A) 1 part of Tulsi leaves+1 part of pepper grind together and rolled into small pills. Take 3-4 times daily cure cough.
B) Roast 4-5 cloves+Tulsi leaves-Chew slowly it relieves from cold and cough.
Asthma-Decoction of Tulsi leaf+ rock salt 2-3 gms. is effective
Vomiting-Tulsi swaras (extract) in pudina and sauf stops vomiting.
Teething of boby-Massage the gums with Tulsi leaf juice mixed with honey.
Falling and Graying of hair-Powder of Tulsi leaves+Amla-give massage to your hair and wash them with water.
Arthritis-decoction of whole plant 10-15 ml twice daily gives good relief.
Digestive- Tulsi leaves juice+ginger juice has digestive property.
Tulsi is main ingredients of
Vilwadi leham
Tulsyadi thailam
Tulsi cough syrup.
Tulsyadi thailam apply on chest in case of cough cold and Asthama.


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